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Prices and Services
Basic Taster Solution - Aimed for individuals on a smaller budget, or taking their first careful steps into Internet Marketing

The basic taster is a one off service but can later be upgraded to the full professional service (listed below), assuming you are happy with the results of

The initial consultation can be conducted over the telephone, through email, or as a face-to-face meeting. Either way, we always deliver excellent ideas to meet your requirements. As a bonus, we nearly always devise ways for clients to do some personal Internet Marketing without incurring additional costs.
Domain Analysis
This aspect of the assignment includes advice concerning your domain name (analysis of the actual name and it's use), and discussing the profitability of purchasing additional names when required, to ensure the best listings with search engines.
Page Analysis
Analysis of a main page against a top search engine, to enable us to locate any weak areas in keyword frequencies and content.
Keyword Analysis
Combining our up-to-date knowledge of marketing, technology and the advancements of the Internet, together with the use of up to eight-specialist software titles design for ** Keyword analysis. We personally help you make the right choice of words to get you to the top of the search list.

** Keywords are specific words placed within the header and content your sites web pages, to allow search engines to categorise your site for the users to find.
Meta Tags
Specially designed meta tags will be written for you, and then either placed into your site by us (on one page and you copy to the remaining pages), or supplied for you to completely include.
A report is later compiled detailing which of your web pages are listed, their position and on which search engines (this document is provided at a later stage, due to larger search engines updating their directories once every six weeks).
Summary Notes
This mini assignment still leaves a lot of potential for your site to explore, although does give a foundation towards attaining better listings, and effective keywords to attract niche markets.

PLEASE NOTE: The professional assignment provides a more tailored solution to your marketing needs. Handcrafted meta tags targetting multiple revenue streams, multiple clients and keywords will be developed and/or supervised by highly qualified individuals

Professional Solution - Aimed for individuals who understand just how invaluable Internet Marketing is and are ready to maximise their sites' potential

This solution is designed for people who understand the potential and importance of Internet Marketing, and are therefore ready to commit to a serious long-term relationship almost immediately. To help minimise costs, this service can be undertaken on a ** monthly or quarterly basis.

** The contract can be cancelled at anytime with 30 days notice.

Conducted on a regular basis, thse consultations are to construct working solutions for your marketing needs, and to keep you ahead of your competitors through tailored solutions.
Domain Analysis
This area of the assignment includes analysis of your domain name(s) and monitoring of the performance, together with advice on whether to purchase additional names in order to help with your positioning.
Page Analysis
Page analysis is to locate any possible weaknesses and the opportunity to tie in special portal pages that target specific search engines.
Keyword Analysis
With up-to-date knowledge of the complex world of search engines and site marketing. We use our skill to continually monitor and apply the most protective keywording structure possible, to keep your site to the top and give you the added comfort of knowing that someone is always looking after for your site.
Meta Tags
Specially designed meta tags will be handcrafted for you, and then placed into your site by us.
At regular intervals, site reports will be sent detailing your site's progress in terms of its ranking, and on which search engines.
Portal Pages
This is also referred to as either a doorway or gateway page and designed with your current web image in mind (although aimed at targetting specific search engines with particular keyword themes). This nearly always produces superior results, compared to the client's existing home page (without a redesign).
Further to site analysis, this package also includes manual submission of your site to over twenty top search engines (plus others we might be examining at the time). We even use our buying power with selected search engines to ensure your site gets priority treatment **.

** All charges are either included in the project, or negotiated to a special cost price.
Extra Submission
As a bonus you get to choose from two extra submission processes – The first package will increase the submission process by a further eighty search engines and directories (we recommend this). If this isn’t enough and based upon your needs, a second bonus is available where your site can be added to a further nine hundred search engine directories.

Further to the additional submission, we also proceed with the submission of links to approximately 400,000 link pages. These help generate the links needed to improve your rankings elsewhere on the web.
Ongoing Submissions, Reports and Site Wide Improvements
Once the project is complete, we need to continually analyse the results. Most large search engines update their lists at least once every six weeks, we usually intervene at this time and run a report to help you see how well you’re doing. If impressed, then you may want to proceed with a regular project schedule for a longer period of time.

In this second stage we usually agree a selection of targets with a client and work towards them on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.
Summary Notes
The Professional solution is far more diverse and flexible compared to the Basic Taster product. According to our research and market analysis, this is the most comprehensive and professional method to approach Online Marketing.

The only limitation is you can’t go higher than number one!

Search Engine Submission - An alternative service for individuals seeking basic search engine submission

Our Search Engine Submission Service starts from 50, and can submit to over 4000 search engines. If you require further information or a tailored price, please email the Search Engine Marketing team

Duration of Projects

All projects initially commence from several labour intensive one-off jobs, although overtime this intensity and need will reduce (so will the respective costs). This cost decrease is mainly due to the unneeded repetition of one-off jobs (unless you change the keywords). Savings can also be made in many areas of the project lifecycle; structures, systems, previous email dialogue and web content can all be refind.

At certain stages of the marketing process and when everyone is happy with the progress / results. We are then able to quote you a monthly maintenance charge for added security. Usually this is priced within the region of £10 and £60 per month, depending upon both the number of pages and how they are maintained.

All Prices Exclude VAT

For further information (and results) contact the Web Marketing Team today!

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