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We are proud of the Web / Meta Marketing solutions we provide, and so to prove our success (and the effects of creative Internet Marketing), we have documented a series of case studies
Web Marketing Case Studies
We'll now prove the positive effects of successful Internet Marketing, and show that we can get the results  

Here we intend to prove just how good we are by showing you a small sample of our recent success stories.

Continued over the following pages is a set of tables that relate to the search engines results we have attained for our clients.

Column Two - Illustrates the Client's active position on the search engine  

The second column shows the active position of our clients' websites (position taken on the 27th August 2001).

By clicking on the number or keyword, you can view a snapshot of our client's position on the search engine from that day.

Column Four - Details the search engines the results are coming from, and allows you to conduct a fresh search with the same keywords  

The final column illustrates which search engine the results are coming from.

If you click a search engine link; a window will pop up showing that search engine (live), and do a new search with the same keywords. You can then see if our listings have improved or stayed the same.

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Column One - Details the keywords utilised

The first column examines the utilised keywords and those requested by our clients. So potential customers can type them into search engines in order to locate your site.

Column Three - Shows the number of pages located in the search (total figure)

The third column shows the total number of pages the search engine found. As you can see, some search engines manage to find millions of pages yet we still manage to remain in the top ten consistently.

By attaining a fresh review of a site position, you need to take into account the natural flucturations that occur in search engines

The fresh search method of reviewing our success can be a little hit and miss. As listings can fluctuate in every direction for obvious and less obvious reasons, which may include...


Fluctuation in listing position maybe due to:

Possability 1

The date we took the snapshot has long since past.

Possability 2

Our clients positioning has improved, as we achieved particularly high results with our initial work.

Possability 3

The client has authorised more work on the search engines, and we have therefore improved their positioning further.

Possability 4

The search engine itself has changed its algorithm or the way it lists sites. This can sometimes have a positive effect, especially if good practices were used to originally answer our client's specification.

Possability 5

Keywords are competitive, and other companies have spent more time or money on these words (in both meta and page content), and have therefore knocked us off the top spot.

Possability 6

A client has dropped out of our monthly maintenance scheme. Usually because they are to busy and wish to decrease the number of hits, or maybe because the newly increased hits are not bringing the sales. There are countless reasons why the sales might not also increase, although this is generally due to poorly designed websites or poor business practices. If a client discontinues the scheme, we conclude our reports that help us maintain their position. So effectively the site will gradually drop in the ratings, allowing for their competitors to take their lead.

Possability 7

Monthly maintenance schemes cost from £30 to £1800 depending upon the individual's requirements. Either way, our service does offer that invaluable sense of security in knowing your marketing needs are always taken care of.

Our series of Case Studies:

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 Internet Marketing CS 03: HP Inkjet Cartridges 

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