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Promotion services and associated products

Basic Taster Solution - Aimed for individuals on a smaller budget, or taking their first careful steps into Internet Marketing

This package is designed for individuals working on a smaller budget, or are not aware of the benefits available from Internet marketing. This service is designed to improve your search engine listings.

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Professional Solution - Aimed for individuals who understand just how invaluable Internet Marketing is and are ready to maximise their site's potential

This package is designed for people who understand just how valuable Internet Marketing is, and are therefore ready to commit to a serious long-term association. To maximise success and to help minimise costs, this service can be run on a contractual basis (usually Monthly or Quarterly).

The contract can be cancelled at any time with 30 days notice.

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Search Engine Submission - An alternative service for individuals seeking basic search engine submission

If you do not require the above services, we also offer a standard search engine submission service as an alternative. As you would expect, this is much cheaper than a professional search engine project.

We do not usually recommend this service to anyone who has not had their site professionally set up for at least one of the top twenty search engines. This type of service (which is the main service on offer by most companies) can do more damage than good, and will be a waste of time if your web site has not had special tailoring. If unsure, we can check a web page for you by sending us an e-mail requesting further details. At the end of the day, we believe that submission only services are a waste of time and money, unless carried out in conjunction with search engine modification.

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